Creation Myth

Located in bucolic Ditmas Park, Brooklyn Drum Company is the creation and vision of Jeremy Forbis. Hey, that's me! A decade plus veteran of both the NYC music scene and flea market racket, in early 2015 I impulsively decided to strip the cracking silver wrap off my trusty mid 70s big R Rogers kit. After a month of scraping glue, sanding, and naturally ebonizing the shells, I learned 2 things. First, I never wanted to rewrap another kit in my life. Second, I loved working with my hands on instruments I've played since 4th grade.

Thus began Brooklyn Drum Company.

My mission, my goal, my raison d’etre is to get quality vintage and used instruments into the hands of people who will play them. I aim to do this at a price that is fair to us both. As these are instruments, every drum, cymbal, cowbell, or chicken bone I sell is in playable condition. That doesn’t mean it’s factory perfect, but I will never sell something that can’t be played. Before listing, each item is cleaned and polished (safely and correctly) to the best of my ability. So while some bumps and scrapes are to be expected from a decades old instrument, when an item has flaws, I document them visually and descriptively. In short, if it’s got some issues, you’ll know in explicit detail. Don’t take my word for it though, peruse my feedback on